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security for the home

It is plastic and stripped almost immediately so I had to finish tightening it with some needle nose pliers.
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Tnot from this century in any way shape or form. Grid is crowded with tired, old fill / crosswordese. There is a minor cute factor in the theme, if you're into that kind of thing, but the mustiness of the whole endeavor is rather too much for me. Rather!None of this, however, is shocking. Puzzle was mercifully easy, though. The only hold ups involved cheap stupid ambiguities like at 15A: "See you!"—I had ADI and went ADIEU instead of ADIOS, and again at 39A: Childish comeback where I had AM TOO instead of IS TOO.

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security for the home

3 Financial Updates14.

  • security for the home

    The audio works but momentarily cuts out every few seconds.

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    and Regional Sports Surcharge $9.

  • security for the home

    At the confirmation of upgrade, the payment will be charged to your iTunes Account.

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